Addiction Myth

Addiction is our DNA. Addiction is a Gift of Life. Addiction is our true Friend!

When we are born addiction is our inherent nature and should be acknowledged as being our natural and predetermined make up – similar to color of eyes and our hair.

Think about it… We require the elements oxygen, water, food and love. Aren’t we naturally by design, addicted to these (cannot, won’t or don’t want to live without) and can anyone tell me what is bad or inappropriate about that? Of course not!

Moving on… note: oxygen and water remain constant but of course our food and love choices are primarily decided by others until intellectually or emotionally we change the flavors or types we desire to enjoy, embrace and/or consume.

These are vital and are directly connected to our physical self. Now lets review our mental self and what it is that addicted to? What do we get plugged into?

Simple one of two energies; Despair, Disharmony & Destruction (D.D.D™) or Healthy, Harmonious & Prosperous™(H.H.P™). One or the other drives our total being. Remember we are born of 0% fear and 111% love. We are naturally designed and created to be addicted to Healthy, Harmonious & Prosperous™. So what happens, where is the disconnect?

Keep me mind when unknowingly plugged into D.D.D™this addictive nature we are born with can and mostly does rain havoc upon us and anyone with earshot…

Primarily it is our thoughts and beliefs that are the primary dictator of what we are plugged into. (This is considering no organic or developmental maladies are inherent upon birth) However, environment and parental influences generally override any and all natural H.H.P™influences and we gravitate towards that which is predominantly in our world no matter how big or small. No matter how rich or poor. What is our immediate world plugged into D.D.D™ or H.H.P™.

Whose song/s for life is influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors?

The challenge begins when we are operating without our own Song4Life™. Operating without our own song is the norm during most persons early to teen years unless we have highly conscious and aware influence-rs and also live within highly accommodating H.H.P™environment.

Unfortunately unless and until we are given permission, empowerment and the notes we can only hear others song and assimilate a life designed by others and a life by which perpetual peace™can never fully be realized.

Many humans experience fleeting moments of peace, similar to happy or joy, but perpetual peace™ is the divine result achieved by creating ones own unique song for their life. (Sadly, most in their lifetime NEVER create or obtain their own song)

Let’s review this Song4life™ idea; It begins with our thoughts which create our feelings that ultimately determine and dictate or behavior! That’s universal path!

When do we instinctively summon a song for life to embrace and provide peace for our life. Easy peasy… When we experience either love of fear! But the big and most important question is, who’s song is it?

Try this when you encounter a new person, location or object you either love it or fear it based on what? It is a song for life already programmed in your head?

This is the key. Who created and wrote the song playing in your head? Is it your mothers song, your fathers, your teachers, your siblings, your grandparents, your wives, your husbands, your bosses, the governments???

Most likely unless you have your own song it will be a compilation of the aforementioned.

Whose programmed words or music will decide how you think and ultimately feel about the fear or love you are experiencing? How in turn will the resulting feeling created by someone else’s song make you react, respond or behave? This is the real deal.

Until one understands, creates and embraces their own song they will never truly know peace or can they ever fully live in Perpetual Peace™

Once you understand, create and embrace your own song you will no longer gravitate of plug into Despair, Disharmony & Destruction (D.D.D™) but will naturally gravitate and choose Healthy, Harmonious & Prosperous™ as a way of life.

Our addictions (Addiction is the repeated involvement with a person, location, object or activity, because that involvement was (and may continue to be) perceived or truly pleasurable and/or valuable.) coupled harmoniously with our song gives us the empowerment to embrace them as a positive mechanism in our motivation for all things Healthy, Harmonious & Prosperous

Simply understood is that when we have created and live our own Song4Life™ our addictive nature will always be a natural gift, our best friend and provide us the energy and motivation to attain great accomplishments and reach our full life potential in addition to providing harmony and inspiration to others.